Manuel Eisner

Wissenschaftlicher z-proso Workshop 2018

Videos und Dokumente

Schools, Educational Success, and Social Development

Cross-Lagged associations between oppositional behaviour and teacher-student bond during adolescence

Sara Valdebenito, University of Cambridge
1.1_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_SValdebenito.pdf (PDF, 2795 KB)

The Research Group on Child and Adolescent Victimization and the z-proso

Noemi Pereda & Ana Martina Greco, University of Barcelona
1.3_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_NPereda-AMGreco.pdf (PDF, 3016 KB)

Comparative Analyses of Victimization and Perpetration

Poly-victimisation over time: subtypes, relational predictors and mental health outcomes

Ingrid Obsuth, University of Edinburgh
2.1_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_IObsuth.pdf (PDF, 507 KB)

Childhood predictors of violent victimization at age 17: The role of early social behavioral tendencies

Margit Averdijk, University of Zurich
2.2_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_MAverdijk.pdf (PDF, 702 KB)

Stability and change in bullying roles: A latent class and latent transition analysis

Izabela Zych & Vicente Llorent, University of Cordoba
2.3_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_IZych-VJLlorent.pdf (PDF, 1051 KB)

Development of Psychopathologies

Does physical attractiveness matter? Gender differences in self-rated physical attractiveness and its relation to mental health across adolescence

Urs Hepp & Niklaus Stulz, University of Zurich & Integrierte Psychiatrie Winterthur/Zürcher Unterland
3.1_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_UHepp-NStulz.pdf (PDF, 639 KB)

Developmental trajectories of ADHD symptoms across childhood and adolescence in z-proso

Aja Murray, University of Edinburgh
3.3_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_ALMurray.pdf (PDF, 697 KB)

Violence, Delinquency & Decision-Making

The reciprocal relation between risk factors, short-term mindsets and delinquency

Jean-Louis Van Gelder & Ivy Defoe, University of Twente
4.2_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_JLVanGelder-IDefoe.pdf (PDF, 3978 KB)

Decision-making games in z-proso

Heiko Rauhut & Alexander Ehlert, University of Zurich
4.3_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_AEhlert-HRauhut.pdf (PDF, 6437 KB)

Innovations in z-proso: The Add-on Studies

D2M: A ‘decade-to-minutes’ multi-timeframe study of aggression

Aja Murray, University of Edinburgh
5.1_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_ALMurray.pdf (PDF, 883 KB)

Neurobiological correlates of lifetime violence experiences on social decision-making

Todd Hare & Ana Cubillo, University of Zurich
5.4_z-prosoWorkshopOct18_THare-ACubillo.pdf (PDF, 7596 KB)