Alex Junghans

Alex Junghans

Project Manager

Tel.: 044 634 06 82

Raumbezeichnung: AND 4.08

Alex Junghans obtained his Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Zurich, specializing in developmental psychology and assessment. At the ETH in Zurich, he worked on a research project on the information processing of medical risk information.  He also acquired experience conducting experimental studies using eye tracking. He is interested in the development of individual differences across childhood and adolescence and their impact on adulthood. Currently, he is managing a project on peer relations in childhood and later health and stress reactivity.


Keller, C. & Junghans, A. (2017). Does Guiding Toward Task-Relevant Information Help Improve Graph Processing and Graph Comprehension of Individuals with Low or High Numeracy? An Eye-Tracker Experiment. Medical Decision Making.

Junghans, A., Keller, C., Siegrist, M. (2016, January). Survival Curve Processing and Numeracy: an Eye Tracking Study. Poster presented at the ETH Zurich Eye Tracking Winterschool, Switzerland.

Junghans, A., Keller, C., Siegrist, M. (2015, June). Improving Survival Curve Comprehension Using Eye-Tracking. Presentation held at the annual SRA-Europe Conference, The Netherlands.

Junghans, A., Proyer, R. (2014). Eine Studie zu psychometrischen Eigenschaften und ersten Validierungsdaten eines neuen mehrdimensionalen Verspieltheitsfragebogens (unpublished master’s thesis). University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Junghans, A., Proyer, R. (2013, May). Playfulness and vocational interests: Testing correlates of Holland’s typology and multifaceted conceptualization of adult playfulness. Poster presented at the annual LiMaDoKo Conference, Switzerland.