Add Health mRNA Study Group Meeting

The Add Health mRNA Study Group (PIs: Professors Kathleen Mullan Harris and Michael Shanahan) met June 24-26 at the Jacobs Center. The group studies how social experiences over the life course are related to gene expression patterns that tell us about well-being. Rewarding discussions of findings and plans for future research, and a good time at Lake Zürich.

Pictured (left to right in photo by the lake): Dr. Justin Chumbley (Jacobs Center), Dr. Lauren Gaydosh (Vanderbilt), Dr. Kathleen Mullan Harris (U North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Dr. Mike Shanahan (Jacobs Center), Dr. Brandt Levitt (U North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Dr. Cecilia Potente (Jacobs Center), and Dr. Wenjia Xu (Jacobs Center).