Prof. Boneva’s European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant

Teodora Boneva

Congratulations to our Jacobs Center economics professor Teodora Boneva, who is one of only three UZH scholars who were recently awarded an ERC starting grant!

In her research program, Prof. Boneva will shed light on the role of beliefs, preferences, constraints and social norms in women’s decisions about having children and returning to work after the birth of a child. “Given the importance of these decisions, it is crucial to understand what is driving them,” she says.

For this purpose, she will collect large representative datasets in different countries around the world and obtain detailed measures of individual beliefs and preferences using survey-based techniques. She will combine this data with information on actual and planned fertility and labor supply, as well as perceived constraints and social norms, to disentangle the relative importance of different factors. Prof. Boneva was awarded 1,496,957 EUR to conduct this work.