Study Phases


In phase 1, Jacobs Center researchers conducted several expert discussions and a qualitative study with children, parents, teachers, and policymakers on young people's self- and social competencies. The aim was to identify which competencies are needed to achieve better learning outcomes or to cope better with drastic experiences in the family or at school.

Qualitative Study: School as preparation for life in society (PDF, 19 MB)

Building on this, a roundtable with experts from the relevant disciplines is planned for 2021 in the communities of Zurich and Lausanne to assess the more precise resources and needs in the area of learning support at the interface of schools and families.

Planned studies

In phase 2 (2021/22), it is planned to develop data collection instruments and coordinated measures in the form of low-threshold interventions at the child, family and teacher levels. An expert group from the field of educational planning, pedagogics, schools, and other experts in child development and learning will identify needs to promote development and learning.

In phase 3 (start: 2022), various accompanying projects are planned. Comparative and longitudinal studies will provide a differentiated insight into the learning organization of families of all social groups across different schools and time periods and identify evidence-based needs gaps. This should enable further improvement and evaluation of the sustainability of interventions at the child, parent, and teacher levels.

In phase 4, a synthesis of scientific results, a cost/benefit analysis of the different interventions and the formulation of conclusions for practice are planned.