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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

Online panel discussion on transition to parenthood

On March 4, an online panel discussion will be held on the topic of "Learning Disabilities / Learning Difficulties," moderated by Moritz Daum (in German).

The transition to parenthood is a unique time that is accompanied by emotional, psychological, biological and social challenges. Parents go through complex processes of demands that affect their partnerships, professional commitments and personal identities.

From a societal perspective, the transition to parenthood plays a key role in shaping family structures, education systems and workplace policies. An informed discussion of the challenges and needs of parents can help to promote family-friendly initiatives that facilitate the reconciliation of family and work.

The panel discussion on the "Transition to Parenthood" offers a platform to discuss different perspectives with four recognised experts from the Zurich area and with the audience and to provide social impulses for a supportive environment for expectant parents.

More information about the event and registration