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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

LEAPS Focus Module Context: Family and Social Environment


Context assessments for child development, education, and learning within the Framework of the Zurich Learning Progress Study (LEAPS)

In the Zurich Learning Progress Study (LEAPS), the development of children's competencies (social-emotional, cognitive, and academic) is tracked longitudinally from the first year of kindergarten to the end of compulsory schooling. Children enter school with varying experiences and knowledge, and they develop differently during their school years. Therefore, within the context of LEAPS, this survey aims to understand what influences the development of children's competencies in families and the social environment. The Zurich Learning Progress Study provides a unique opportunity to examine the significance of context for later developmental and educational trajectories. Our specific focus is on the following key factors: parental expectations, parenting behavior, socioeconomic and cultural background, household structure, daily organization, and significant life events. This comprehensive investigation allows for a closer examination of the complex relationships between these factors and child development.