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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

Research Seminar Series - Fall 2022


Prof. Dr. Elsbeth Stern

Professor of Empirical Research on Learning and Instruction and head of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences in the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences at the ETH Zurich

Psychological Research on Intelligence and Education: How to Unite Estranged Siblings


Sina Schwarze

Predoctoral Fellow in Center for Lifespan Psychology at Max Planck Institute for Human Development

Neural mechanisms of task switching in children: Age differences and training-induced plasticity


Prof. Dr. Aline Bütikofer

Professor of Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics, a co-founder of the Center for Empirical Labor Economics

Pregnancy Loss - Stress, Investment, and Subsequent Children


Dr. Charles Driver

Researcher at the Institute of Education at the University of Zurich

Modelling Development as a Dynamic System


Dr. Denis Ribeaud

Scientific coordinator of the Zurich Project on the Social Development from Childhood to Adulthood (z-proso) at the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development, University of Zurich

Trends in Youth Violence, Delinquency, and Substance Use 1999-2021: Selected Findings from the Zurich Youth Surveys


Dr. Ana Rodriguez-Gonzalez

Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Economics and Centre for Economic Demography at the Lund University

The Side Effects of the Oral Contraceptive Pill


Prof. Dr. Christoph Stadtfeld

Associate Professor of Social Networks at ETH Zürich, Switzerland

The emergence of social networks between university students: Insights from the Swiss StudentLife Study


Prof. Dr. Martin Tomasik

Professor at the Institute for Educational Evaluation, University of Zurich

The Zürich Learning Progress Study 2023-2035: Concept, Design and Opportunities for Collaboration