Analysis of mRNA Data

Life Course Panel Studies

Vorschaubild Schloss Marbach

Meeting at Schloss Marbach
May 14-17, 2017




Schloss Marbach Meeting, Germany

An international, interdisciplinary group of scholars met at Schloss Marbach to discuss the study of gene expression data (mRNA) in the context of large panel studies. Such data resources are new and require specialised substantive knowledge and methods. The purpose of the meeting was to bring scientists from diverse areas together to discuss opportunities and challenges. 
Steve Cole presented the Keynote lecture on social genomics, followed by the discussion of specific datasets (Kathie Harris, Add Health; Lauren Gaydosh, Fragile Families; Colter Mitchell, HRS; and Dan Belsky, Dunedin). Mike Shanahan led a group discussion of specific substantive problems that can be addressed when studying gene expression from a demographic/life course perspective, and Justin Chumbley presented an overview of methods. 


Marbach Team

Left-to-right: Dan Belsky (Duke, Public Health), Justin Chumbley (Jacobs Center, Statistics & Psychology), Lauren Gaydosh (UNC-Chapel Hill, Demography), Shawn Bauldry (Purdue, Sociology & Statistics), Steve Cole (UCLA, Psychology & Medicine), Mike Shanahan (Jacobs Center, UZH, Sociology), Pietro Biroli (Jacobs Center, UZH, Economics), Christine Heim (Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute of Medical Psychology), Kathyrn Paige Harden (UT-Austin, Psychology), Colter Mitchell (U-Mich, Demographer & Statistics), Simon Sommer (Jacobs Foundation), Katrin Männik (U Lausanne, Genetics). Not pictured: Kathy Harris (UNC-Chapel Hill, Sociology), Lilly Shanahan (Jacobs Center, UZH, Psychology)

Lauren Gaydosh

Lauren Gaydosh, Demography, UNC-Chapel Hill

Colter Mitchell

Colter Mitchell, Demography & Statistics, University of Michigan

Katrin Männik

Katrin Männik, Genetics, University of Lausanne

Dan Belsky

Dan Belsky, Public Health, Duke University

Justin Chumbley

Justin Chumbley, Statistics & Psychology, Jacobs Center, UZH