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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

Research Seminar Series - Spring 2023

The Jacobs Center organizes each semester a series of three to nine interdisciplinary lectures, for which internationally renowned speakers are invited. The topics are related to the Center's major research areas.

The Research Seminar Series takes place at the University and is open
to the public. Teachers, students and other interested persons are cordially invited.


CANCELED: Prof. Dr. Carolin Strobl

Professor of Psychological Methods, Evaluation and Statistics and Head of the research unit at the
University of Zurich, Department of Psychology

The “Botanical Garden” of Machine Learning - Understanding the Ideas behind Decision Trees and Random Forests


CANCELED: Prof. Dr. Sonia Bhalotra

Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick

Antidepressant Use and School Academic Achievement

Monday, 27.03.2023

CANCELED: Prof. Dr. Jeylan Mortimer

Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota

Extending the Status Attainment Paradigm: Recent Findings from the Youth Development Study


Prof. Dr. Jonathan Jan Benjamin Mijs

Professor of Sociology, Boston University
Veni fellow at Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Social Life of Inequality: Why Unequal Countries Stay That Way (recorded talk)
Q & A at 3pm via Zoom (more info on the flyer)


Dr. rer. nat. Tilman Reinelt

Senior Research Associate NGN Research Center, Neonatology Clinic, USZ

Self-regulation in Early Childhood


Dr. Marta Golin

Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development, University of Zurich

Global Evidence on How Parents Raise their Children


Marlene Staginnus

PhD Researcher at the Department of Psychology, University of Bath

Testing the Ecophenotype Model: Brain Structure in Conduct Disorder With and Without Childhood Maltreatment


Dr. Flavia Wehrle

Postdoctoral researcher at the Child Development Center at the Children's Hospital Zurich

Zurich Longitudinal Studies – Health and Development Across the Lifespan