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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

Jacobs Center Symposium 2023: 20 Years of z-proso

Celebrating two decades of insights into social and educational development!
The Zurich Project on the Social Development from Childhood to Adulthood (z-proso) has followed over 1400 young individuals who began their journey through the city of Zurich's primary schools in 2004.

For the 20th anniversary, a symposium titled "Educational Trajectories and Educational Inequalities" was held at the Jacobs House in Zurich's Seefeld. The symposium opened with remarks from Simon Sommer (Co-CEO Jacobs Foundation), Dr. Silvia Steiner (Member of the Zurich Government Council, President of the Conference of Cantonal Directors of Education (EDK), and Head of the Zurich Department of Education), and Prof. Dr. Moritz Daum (Director Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development).

After overview presentations by PIs Prof. Dr. Manuel Eisner, Dr. Denis Ribeaud and Prof. Dr. Lilly Shanahan, Lea Buzzi analyzed the educational paths of z-proso participants up to the age of 24 were traced in input presentations, analyzing how initial conditions and life events influence later educational trajectories. Designated professionals, decision-makers, and stakeholders in the field of education exchanged ideas with researchers on ways to promote improved educational mobility.

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