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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

Moritz Daum in conversation: Healthy & Happy: What do children really need?

Moritz Daum talks with Leandra Vogt in the podcast ‘familienort’ on the topic of ‘education today’


From the show notes of the podcast:
Shouldn’t my child be able to sleep alone long ago? My child is lying! – what am I doing wrong? There used to be a penalty now, but that’s bad for my child’s development, isn’t it?

Questions like these are on the minds of many of us parents. We want to do our job well. We’re leaving behind outdated parenting practices, because today we know that threats, punishments and so on can harm the healthy development of our children. But how is parenting today? What do our children need to develop healthy and happy?

Gesund & Glücklich: Was brauchen Kinder wirklich? (YouTube)