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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

COCON - The Swiss Survey on Children and Youth

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The Swiss Survey on Children and Youth (COCON) is an interdisciplinary project, that examines the social conditions, life experiences and psychosocial development of children and adolescents in Switzerland from a life-course perspective.

The study is cross-sectional (i.e., a single survey), as well as longitudinal (i.e., further interviews at periodic intervals). This is particularly important to gain findings regarding the differences between people and the development of individuals.

In addition to the main study, our intensive study includes interviews in smaller groups of people in more depth. This part of the research project gives us precise and detailed insight into the development of children in Switzerland.

The study investigates important transitions over the course of children’s and adolescents’ lives (e.g., school entry, the transition to high school, an apprenticeship or employment), as well as the acquisition of social competencies, values and skills, which are influenced by social interactions with important caregivers and the social context.

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