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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

Bachelor and Master Thesis

Topics (Bachelor & Masters)

  • Typical and atypical brain development and its relation to developmental and mental health disorder
  • Learning and brain plasticity
  • Neuronal correlates of socioemotional development from kindergarten to adolescence (including fMRI tasks of emotion processing, emotion regulation or Theory of Mind)
  • Neuronal correlates of typical or atypical language development
  • Paediatric Neuroimaging (Methods & Protocols)
  • The relationship between speech and socioemotional processing
  • Biobehavioral synchrony
  • Neuronal synchrony in motherchild dyads
  • Socioemotional disorders (e.g. disruptive behaviour disorder, aggression, conduct disorder)
  • The reading brain
  • Developmental Dyslexia
  • Replicability and reproducibility of developmental research studies
  • Science Communication & Outreach

Methods (Masters)

  • Paediatric Neuroimaging, including functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging
  • Analyses may include taskbased neuroimaging analyses, diffusion tensor imaging, voxel-based morphometry, cortical surface based analysis, representational similarity analyses or coordinate-based activation likelihood-estimation
  • Eyetracking and fMRI
  • Standardized psychometric or clinical testing

Masterprogram and Research Colloquium

«Typical and Atypical Brain Development» (starting FS 20)