Ulf Zölitz

Ulf Zölitz, Prof. Dr.

Assistant Professor of Economics for Child and Youth Development

Department of Economics

Principal Investigator of Education Economics Research Area

Phone: 044 634 61 25

Room number: AND 4.22




Short Bio

Ulf Zölitz is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of the University of Zurich and the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development. He has studied Economics at the University of Bonn and received his PhD in economics from Maastricht University in 2014. From 2014 to 2017 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at IZA and briq in Bonn.

Ulf Zölitz primary research interests are in the field of applied microeconomics. He is interested in labor economics, economics of education and behavioral economics. His current research focuses on peer effects, the role of personality in education and interventions aiming to enhance the development of cognitive skills in children.

Selected Publications

Exposure to More Female Peers Widens the Gender Gap in STEM Participation, Journal of Labor Economics (forthcoming), with Anne Ardila Brenøe

Are Professors Worth It? The Value-added and Costs of Tutorial Instructors, Journal of Human Resources (forthcoming), with Jan Feld and Nicolás Salamanca

Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations, Journal of the European Economic Association  (17)2, 2019, with Friederike Mengel and Jan Sauermann

‘High’ Achievers? – Cannabis Access and Academic Performance, Review of Economic Studies 84(3), 2017, with Olivier Marie

Understanding Peer Effects – On the Nature, Estimation and Channels of Peer Effects, Journal of Labor Economics 35(2), 2017, with Jan Feld