The z-proso Research Infrastructure The life-course development of violence and crime

Exploring the life-course of 1,400 youths and the pathways that lead to violence and delinquency: The Zurich Project on the Social Development from Childhood to Adulthood

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z-proso studies the social development of children and youths, with a particular focus on aggressive and delinquent behaviour, but also of prosocial characteristics. In doing so, it investigates how individual, family, school and situational factors work together in the development of aggression and other problem behavior. About 1,400 children have been regularly followed since 2004, when they entered primary school. The most recent, eight wave of data collection was carried out in 2018 at age 20.

The study is complemented by a field experiment aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of two early prevention programs, namely the parent training program Triple P and the school-based social skills training, "PATHS", named "Denk-Wege" in German since the year 2018. z-proso fills an important gap in the field of violence prevention research as it examines the long-term effects of such prevention programs.

The marked cultural diversity of the sample, the long running time of 15 years in association with an excellent retention rate, and the combination with a field experiment distinguish this project which is funded by the SNF as a research infrastructure.

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