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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

Instruments and Data Collection

Until 2022, from age 7 to 24, nine main data collections have been carried out with the z-proso participants. In addition, from wave 1 to 4, one of their parents has also been surveyed, and up to wave 7 class teachers participated in postal surveys. The first four data collections with children, parents, and teachers were completed between 2004 and 2010. The document below provides an overview on all data collections and instruments carried out to date:

z-proso_DataCollections&InstrumentsW1-9.pdf (PDF, 414 KB)

The overview below lists the questionnaire themes and scales across all data collection waves, i.e. parent surveys (P1-P4), child surveys (K1-K3), adolescent and young adult surveys (K4-K9), and teacher surveys (T1.1-T7.1) and vocational trainer survey (VT7.1):

Questionnaire Themes and Scales by Wave

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