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Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development

SciComm activities at the upcoming BrainFair

This year’s BrainFair Zurich (March 13-18) has been organized in collaboration with the URPP AdaBD and will focus on recent research about learning. On the part of the Jacobs Center, Nora Raschle, Plamina Dimanova and others from the NMR Kids Lab as well as Lea Mörsdorf will contribute in various ways.

Brain Fair

Nora Raschle will participate in a panel discussion about how our brain learns; Plamina Dimanova will hold a presentation as part of the school program discussing facts and fiction about the adolescent brain; Nora Raschle and her team will host a workshop for schoolchildren providing insights on research of the human brain; and Lea Mörsdorf will give a short presentation on the topic of how learning starts at birth.

Zurich, March 13-18, various locations and online BrainFair Archiv 

Jacobs Center